Tuesday, 17 May 2011

No pics today

Just stopping by for a minute today to let you know what I'm up to... Well I've treated myself (with some money from selling some cards) to a little pressie - Serif Craft Artist Platinum Edition.  What a great item this is turning out to be.  I saw on Ikki's blog that it was showing on C + C but had already seen  a little of what's on this collection and was really impressed so I went and reserved the last one at my local Argos store.

I have watched the 7pm showing on C + C and was fascinated by how much is actually contained within the 5 discs in this set.  So result is that no cards have been attempted today as want to read up about all this can do and have a little play about with the programme.

It comes with a complete graphics and photo editing programme and 4 other CD roms - Baby Photos, Wedding Day, Scrapbooks and Greeting Cards, but the amount thats within these discs is incredible.  Loads of elements that you can use across all the cd's - I have only touched the surface since getting this this afternoon and from what the lady showing on C + C was saying, she has been playing with this collection for 12months and still is finding things within!!!

I have tonight, printed off a simple anniversary card for my sister and two scrapbook pages to begin a book for one of my grandsons.  Seeing as I have 4 grandchildren already and two more on the way, I guess I will be using this software rather a lot in the future.

Anyway, will say goodnight now and will get to post a couple of pics tomorrow of what I've printed so far (after trip to hospital with my youngest daughter to see how this baby is doing).