Monday, 23 May 2011

Pretty in Pink!

One for the girls also . . . made in exactly same manner as previous blue card.  Finished off with glamour dust - gorgeous.

"Little Boy Blue"

A close up pic of one of the cards on the previous post.  These are just 8" x 4" dl cards and are very cute.
All you have to do to make these is just click and print off one sheet and it's all contained on that one sheet - simple but very effective.

New Baby Duo

These two cards are going into my box  . . . ready for new babies.  I made them using Plush Pals crafters CD rom that I've had for ages but don't use very much.  As I'm making several baby cards at the minute I wanted some variety - not all nearly the same cards and dug out this CD from my stash.

The little bears are decoupaged in three layers and single layer decoupage to the lettering.  Glamour dusted gives a lovely finish to these lovely little DL cards.  Inserts made to finish off the inside (but not photographed).

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Men's Cards are never Easy

One of the several mens cards I've made recently  yet again made from a kit by theclipartfairy.  Mens cards are not the easiest of cards to do as it's sometimes difficult to tailor them to the person if they don't have an interest in sport . . .

. . . so this would be suitable for any man.  Peel-offs added to frame the elements finish this off very well.

Twisted Easel Baby Card

Here's another Baby Girl card, made with a kit available from  theclipartfairy.  I am trying to fill my box of cards up a bit before my new baby grandchildren make their entry into the world in the next few weeks as I'm sure I won't have much free time then!

I made this one up as a twisted easel which is very easy to make and very effective.  I sprayed all the elements of this with Crafters Companion Spray and Shine which gives a lovely sheen, added decoupage to the frame and baby in a basket.  Finished off with some lovely white fancy ribbon around the edge of the base of the easel and little white bow to which is attached a little silver butterfly and pink pacifyer (dummy).

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

First Scrapbook Page

This is just a quick first attempt at beginning a scrapbook . . . All from my new toy - Serif Craft Artist Platinum Edition.  I've never attempted any form of scrapbooking digitally before, I have kept files for my daughters, containing photos, certificates, newspapers etc all relevant to their childhood/growing up but now want to try with digital scrapbooking for my grandchildren.

This first attempt is a very simple click and print page (without any embellishments added). I used a lovely pic of my grandson, Warren in the garden over the Easter holiday.  To this I added a background, some graphics and some appropriate wording.

You can now go on to add any extra embelishments to add dimension which I will do with these scrapbook pages as I make up the books.  These can all be added digitally if you like, there's so much choice in what to use and how to make up the pages.  The children will love to look through these in years to come and remember what is shown.  My girls still flip through the folders I made up for them as they were growing up and remember specific times in their lives.

Boy Wordbook for Thomas

For this pale blue baby wordbook, I've used the same kit I always use for these from theclipartfairy.  I've glamour dusted around the letters, added a gorgeous little prince graphic, decoupaged his little crown to add dimension.

I added a number 1 peel off and two little golden heart brads to hold the pages together.  Added a page for the sentiment - card completed, and lovely but pic doesn't do justice sadly.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

No pics today

Just stopping by for a minute today to let you know what I'm up to... Well I've treated myself (with some money from selling some cards) to a little pressie - Serif Craft Artist Platinum Edition.  What a great item this is turning out to be.  I saw on Ikki's blog that it was showing on C + C but had already seen  a little of what's on this collection and was really impressed so I went and reserved the last one at my local Argos store.

I have watched the 7pm showing on C + C and was fascinated by how much is actually contained within the 5 discs in this set.  So result is that no cards have been attempted today as want to read up about all this can do and have a little play about with the programme.

It comes with a complete graphics and photo editing programme and 4 other CD roms - Baby Photos, Wedding Day, Scrapbooks and Greeting Cards, but the amount thats within these discs is incredible.  Loads of elements that you can use across all the cd's - I have only touched the surface since getting this this afternoon and from what the lady showing on C + C was saying, she has been playing with this collection for 12months and still is finding things within!!!

I have tonight, printed off a simple anniversary card for my sister and two scrapbook pages to begin a book for one of my grandsons.  Seeing as I have 4 grandchildren already and two more on the way, I guess I will be using this software rather a lot in the future.

Anyway, will say goodnight now and will get to post a couple of pics tomorrow of what I've printed so far (after trip to hospital with my youngest daughter to see how this baby is doing).

Monday, 16 May 2011

Bear on Shelf for Frankie

Another of the lovely clean and crisp blue and white cards that I'm loving making at the minute - these and the gorgeous green and white ones in a much earlier post have to be my all time favourite baby cards as they look so clean.  I know that I'm going to get asked from the family for cards when my grandchildren are born and I also know that I'll be mad busy and probably not have much free time for card making - so I need to have several made up now to choose from once the babies are here with us.

Papers and image - yet again from the wonderful creative hands of Wendy at theclipartfairy - as you will see, most of my cards have something from Wendy among them, be it papers, graphics or complete cards.  As you can see, I've kept the card fairly clean and simple, including only my trademark glamour dust, some tiny dewdrops and a little ribbon (that is printed with wording new baby).

Computer generated wording in a colourway to match the shelf, finished off this gorgeous card for a new baby boy.

He's Here frame it

This is one of my favourite cards at the moment, the blue and white of this is so clean and fresh.  Bp's and graphic as previous post only in blue, glamour dusted and trimmed with sheer white ribbon and bow.  Glamour dusted and finished, I'm delighted with the end result.  My eldest daughter wants these two cards for her sisters when their babies are born - so sold to her!!!

She's Here frame it

I've made this lovely baby pink card to have in for when my daughter has her 2nd daughter at the end of June . . . I've also made a blue one for my other daughter who is due to have her 2nd son on the same day!!!!!  I love this image, again from theclipartfairy  

I've used what was a small card and made it bigger by matting and layering onto a large oblong card base.  With added sheer white ribbon, bow and glamour dust, this card is finished off lovely.

80th Boxed Card

Blogger is back and playing ball again - thankfully so I can post my recent cards now, which pleases me as once I've made a card I do like to post then I also have a record of what I've done.

This is a lovely big oblong card (slightly smaller than A4) I used a lovely pink bp, and topped with a matted and layered image from My Craft Studio - one of the floral ones and I can't place which right now.  I printed out the image 3 times in order to give me the butterflies and flowers to decoupage.  Once layered up I painted the decoupage with clear nail varnish which gives a lovely shine and dries to a glassy finish which I like to use for this type of decoupage.

I've added the usual glamour dust and one of my new purchases dew drops which look like little droplets of dew, obviously.  The three glittery stripes on the left of the card are made with strips of double sided tape with glamour dust sprinkled on top and lightly pressed onto the tape, and finished off with a large double white bow.

 The pics on the left and below shows the box I made to present the card in as I didn't want the little butterflies and flowers to get crushed in a standard envelope.

I printed onto cardstock, a bp from theclipartfairy
and added some baby pink ribbon, finished off with a circle nestie and also at the last minute decided it needed something else, so added a gorgeous white and silver filigree butterfly from stash.

This last pic shows close-up of the decoupage and the layers on the gorgeous little butterflies, the picture doesn't do this card justice to be honest as it is a lovely card and the shine on the butterflies and the lovely colours don't show up true sadly.  I'm really pleased with the finished result tho and thats all that matters, because if I'm not happy with a card when finished, then I don't pass it on to the person, I re-do another one until I'm happy.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Easel Communion Card

 I made this card up entirely different to what it was intended to be . . . I mounted the 3 pages of the book-a-easel onto a tent fold card so it will stand independently.

The pages are from a set by theclipartfairy and come in a variety of colourways to be used for any occasion.  These pages I've used are from the "new baby" pages but I wanted the baby pink colour for this young girl's communion card.

 I've curled the pages slightly to give the effect of pages, glamour dusted the edges of each page and computer generated a sentiment.

Added to the card are two little "silver" charms, one a little cross, the other a little bar with two tiny gems and the words life's blessings.  A pale pink ribbon bow and some paper flowers from Fizzy Moon finish off this delicate card.
This pic on the right shows a close up of the paper flowers - with tiny silver studs for the centres.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Art Deco Glamour

 This gorgeous glamourous Art Deco lady is taken from a cd I've had for a while but haven't used very much at all . . . Debbie Moore's Art Deco Christmas (not strictly for Christmas tho).  There's some gorgeous ladies on the disc, all dressed in a similar way to this one.

I chose this particular lady as the colours are fabulous, and they turn out exactly as they should be on printing from my printer.

I made up the card as a large slightly narrower than A4 but A4 in height (image can be printed as small as you like) as it was requested to be a large card by a customer.

It is printed onto white linen cardstock and I've added a punched border to the outer edge and threaded it through with silver ribbon.  I've not done this before but am very pleased with the result - I think it works very well with this card.  I printed out the same lady to use as decoupage but printed this time onto super smooth card and it really makes a difference for the finish on the dress.  I took quite a while to add diamond sparkles to the head dress and the trimmings on the dress to make it look like they are hundreds of tiny jewels (I think it works).  Also I picked out some detail on the dress with the diamond sparkles to add some shimmer to the flow of the dress.
The pic on the left shows close-up of the jewel detail on the graphic really well.  The band around the hat looks so sparkly.

I've added a simple white circle cut with a nestie and a computer generated sentiment topped with a lovely sheer white double bow. 

I am delighted with the finished result of this card and hope my customer will be also.

Drawer Easel

I saw this design of easel card on another blogger's post and thought it a great idea.  So I had a play with my score board and came up with this little oblong drawer box to sit an easel card on top. . .

. . . The backing paper, shaper and gorgeous birthday girl graphic are from theclipartfairy.

I printed off sufficient of the graphic to layer up and also printed a smaller easel shaper to use as the stop for the easel.  I computer generated the sentiment, added the stop to the box with tiny pearl brads, also same brad for drawer "handle".  Edged the top of drawer with silver peel-offs to hide join in backing papers, glamour dusted and tiny flower heads added to give some sparkle.

You can see from the first pic, I've added lining to the drawer and inserted the message for the recipient.

For my first attempt at this kind of card, I am pleased with the end result.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Country Chic!

I've made this gorgeous card for one of my special customers, it's for her friends little granddaughter who's going to be 3 very soon.

I've used some "Country Chic" graphics from one of my favourite sellers of clip art - theclipartfairy. Wendy has some great graphics and digi stamps over on her page, you must visit.  She also produces some really great cd rom's (I have almost all of them) and these are the ones I use the most. 

The little pic on the right shows close up of the gorgeous country chic graphic - isn't she cute?

The pic on the left shows close-up my little bow on a bow, finished off with a tiny pearl flower head.

I've glamour dusted around the letters in Ava, and the number 3, also I've used clear nail varnish to give a shine to the little girls dress and shoes and her little hair bow.

I love this card especially as green is a favourite of mine, so clean and fresh.  Hope the little girl likes it too.

Card for My Daughter - Nicola

This is a card for my daughter, Nicola's birthday. Nicola is expecting her 2nd daughter at the end of June and I wanted to make a special card for her.

I've used all elements from Double Sprinkles of Kraft by Polkadoodles for this card.  The tree stump, toadstools, flowers and the gorgeous girl graphic have been decoupaged to give some dimension.

The lovely turquoise backing paper is from a local craft shop and has glistening random lines all over which do show up on the pic, I've used  my cuttlebug to make the oval and computer generated the wording.  Added a little pearl to the i in Nicola and some glamour dust.

I've added some lovely paper flowers by Fizzy Moon, layered them and added little pearls to the centre of each.  A nice sheer white bow to the top left, with a little silver heart charm, glamour dusted here and there and I'm really pleased with the result.

The pic on the left shows the decoupage close-up which adds depth to the card.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gone Fishin!!!

This lovely card is for a man's 60th birthday . . . I've used some lovely fishing graphics, added the recipients name and 60th peel-offs .

I've used some lovely glamour dust on the fishes which gives a lovely glistening to the scales (sadly doesn't show up too well on pic), added some silver 'line' to the rod which gives the illusion of the fish being caught on the end of the rod.  Decoupaged to give dimension and depth finishes off this card perfectly.

Treasure Map

Yet another 8" square card (I like doing the bigger cards) - this time for a boy obviously.  I've used elements associated with pirates and treasure - map and scroll, anchor and treasure box.  The rope around the anchor and around the treasure map have been heat embossed with gold embossing powder, also same with the gems in the treasure chest.

Computer generated sentiment and the recipients name have been added to the scroll (which could stand alone as a card in its own right).

Secret Slider Message Card

This lovely card is made using elements from my
Double Sprinkles of Kraft CD from Polkadoodles.
It's been layered and decoupaged using one of the gorgeous coloured stampie girl images which are really lovely to use.

The sentiment is taken from another Polkadoodles CD - Back to Nature, which I also love to use.
As you will see opposite, the middle section with the little ribbon pull is actually hidden behind the girl graphic and when ribbon pulled, out comes the little girls's name and her age, complete with a little butterfly and tiny golden hearts.

Sleepy Bear

Hiya All, back in business with blog again after not being able to add pics again - don't know why it keeps happening but glad to be back!

This lovely large 8" square card is made using Plush Pals CD Rom that I've had for a while but don't use that much (I tend to favour others before this one).

I've decoupaged the bear image to add dimension and added a white and pink ribbon printed with little pink paw prints.

Sentiment added and glamour dusted finishes off this card to my satisfaction.