Wednesday, 18 May 2011

First Scrapbook Page

This is just a quick first attempt at beginning a scrapbook . . . All from my new toy - Serif Craft Artist Platinum Edition.  I've never attempted any form of scrapbooking digitally before, I have kept files for my daughters, containing photos, certificates, newspapers etc all relevant to their childhood/growing up but now want to try with digital scrapbooking for my grandchildren.

This first attempt is a very simple click and print page (without any embellishments added). I used a lovely pic of my grandson, Warren in the garden over the Easter holiday.  To this I added a background, some graphics and some appropriate wording.

You can now go on to add any extra embelishments to add dimension which I will do with these scrapbook pages as I make up the books.  These can all be added digitally if you like, there's so much choice in what to use and how to make up the pages.  The children will love to look through these in years to come and remember what is shown.  My girls still flip through the folders I made up for them as they were growing up and remember specific times in their lives.