Monday, 25 April 2011

My Wedding Keepsake Box

 Unfortunately due to problems with blogger, I missed last week's Polkadoodles challenge but am posting this anyway as I'm pleased with this.

It's the third of my Keepsake Boxes and it's for a wedding, obviously.  I've used a little kit from theclipartfairy
To the top of the birdcage I've added the couple's names and date of wedding.  Gorgeous pink orchids and tiny white pearls placed at the top corners and a lovely white satin ribbon with enamel Mr + Mrs charm.
 The lid opens to reveal the same graphic and the message to the happy couple.  As a little surprise, when the lid opens it plays a tune (I dismantled another card I bought to use the musical element from it).

Concealed underneath again, is a secret drawer . . .
. . . inside which is a gift envelope printed the same as the box, to which I've added golden rings with two white doves. 

A gift token, or in this case, some cash for the couple to put to something nice for themselves.