Tuesday, 20 September 2011

 My daughter asked me to make a card for her for her Son's Christening this Sunday. . . this was my chosen design.  One of theclipartfairy.com book-a-easel pages that was originally coloured pink - but I re-coloured in Craft Artist to get this gorgeous turquoise blue.

I had just the right shade of blue paper flowers that I needed, layered up and randomly placed down the pages of the book onto the base of the twisted easel.  Text computer generated in Craft Artist and coloured to match.
You will see from this close-up of my trimmings used as stop on the base
of the easel card - gorgeous Christening ribbon from my local
craft shop, teamed with a pearlised heart ribbon slider
and some lovely pale blue pearlised hat pins pushed into the ribbon
and held fixed with silicone glue (so no-one can prick their fingers)
The colours on this card all work so well together - I'm very pleased with the finished card and my daughter will be also.